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Women Development Cell at PACET finds its true power in initiating conversations on everything from the pressing social issues of domestic violence, oppressive intimate relationships, sexual harassment etc to the psychological and spiritual issues of self discovery, uninformed compliance, the power structures of patriarchy and the like. Guest lectures, book readings, slam poetry performances, movie screenings and “Let’s Talk” sessions are all tools regularly employed in an effort to reverse the whims of the centuries.

Articles :

WOMEN - GIFT OF NATURE - (Article Posted on 05.11.2016)

Women - an indispensable power who is gifted with boon of creating lives into the world ,being equal to God. She paints colors to many lives, She showers smile in many hearts, She brings flock of feathers to armless, She acts as a constellation of stars who makes everyone around her to twinkle, She is a fragrance who beautifies minds with immense pleasure. She is endowned with many priceless qualities.
A bookmark quality with which only feminine Godesess are blessed with. The greatest quality which everyone desires to attain.
Women - Patience is a signature quality for which she is adored for centuries together. A women’s perception and her approach to any grievances will always be paired with patience. This is a feminine attribute which pacifies any worst environment. Tolerance acts as a sister quality which she achieves through her patience. A women’s patience is the most valuable treasure, when it crosses it’s threshold the world gets ruined.
Women being an aesthetic creation of human race. She is an embodiment of all fine arts and talents imbibed in her. Her hands are amazing wizard which creates wonderful art forms, serves delicious cusines, creates a vibe in fashion world. Her voice is the most pleasant vocal than any other creatures in the world, which drowns anyone into insanity. A woman’s presence always adds up a beautification factor. Talent of exposing it in a right way is always a feminine asset.
Emotion is a ruler that ruins any situation or enhances any occurrence.
Women – brilliant handlers of emotions. Biologically, she is very sensitive prey to emotions than men But, due to her deterministic approach to life an attitude.She carves her life an personality with eminent traces of efficient handling of emotions. To illustrate this further, an woman is capable of orating in an International Business Conference admist of personal failures and stresses crushing her mind into pieces. In such cases, her emotional strength travels across boundaries.
Life of women in politics is a great example of women’s emotional consistency. She faces lot of stress, she breathes admist of negative criticism, She dwells in an ambience of many index fingers pointing towards her. Her losses , gains, self -respect an confidence thrives hard to attain a successful political life which has been a nightmare. Women is really a Conqueror of Emotions.
Dedication - The most versatile quality which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Women the significant source of dedication. Atom to Himalayas , she renders herself to the toil and showers beauty of color to it. Diverse sources of work she engages herself in a day , yet she pays an irreversible commitment to the assignment. Completion is not her target. Completion coupled with individuality traces her strong footprint.
She is an absolute wonder where she tributes her work with perfect consciousness and dedication admist of all destructive criticism and stressful environment. Dedication is a boon in which she is a Godesses.
Women - A diverse source of all eminent attributes who has to be cherished and respected as she solely deserves it.

Mrs. R. Chitra

WOMEN AN EXPERTISE - (Article Posted on 11.11.2016)

Women – An immense and inevitable creation of nature. She has a strong unique quality that rejuvenates the ambience. She places a strong footprint in all traces and accelerates the spirit of expertise dazzling around her. She is a genuine portrayal of her talents embedded and weaved within her. Her elegant touch of excellence shines in all streams and discipline.
Talent is an inborn ability. It’s a blessing that endowns people in their birth, But skill is an acquired talent that gets endowned only through industrious nature of women.
From ancient days to social networking era, world has undergone many changes. The biggest change is development and empowerment of women . It’s not easy as it sounds. Aggression, agitation, violence,opposition and hatred are the issues that the women class underwent to attain this freedom. She has travelled through the path of obstacles and issues to reach this state. This is not miracle. It’s been sown and cultivated only through her skill development. Acquiring her skill and mastering it is magnificient compare to exposing talent. She deserves Victory and Empowerment.
Essential attribute of a personality is adaptability. Human race has mastered it from stone age. Personal adaption is not common for humans but it’s an inborn quality of an woman.
Women – She is always destined with life of adaptation. She grows and creates a vibe in a home and then she is destined to another home where she adapts and spreads her branches. She is not given a choice anywhere. Adaptability is a part of personality, whereas women are always expected to possess it. Yes, she utilizes this to make her more vibrant and dynamic.

Life is not always pleasure or bed of roses for everyone. At times, we do expect an oar to push us forward in the sea of life. Yes, it’s the hands the clap for us, a word of encouragement or even a sight of confidence.

MOTIVATION - A very deep resourceful word.
MOM – The biggest motivator for any child.
WIFE – The path breaker for endless people.
DAUGHTER – The energy tonic for all fathers.
A smile, a word, a handshake, a patting means a lot. Women are sculptors who carves future and life of many people.

Struggles are phase and parcel of everyone’s life. Facing struggles is common, but handling and fighting it demands a deterministic heart. Women is always similied with a flower and always adored for her soft nature. But women are the one’s who are strong enough to handle hardships of all flavours.
Poverty, health, chasity, self-respect, monetary, criticism and many fatal problems. Women fall prey to all these problems. The way she tackles it has made many women great leaders. She is good at decision-making, problem solving and people management. All these skills are complemented to her by her experience.
Single mom, widow, divorcey, unmarried….there are many such strugglers in our class where they are deprived of their basic need by fates. They begin as caterpillars but toil the fate and evolve as butterflies spreading colors wherever they go. Women are real strugglers to fight , win, learn lessons and even propagate it. Their struggling attitude has really made every woman a memorable soul.

Women is not just trace of human race.She deserves Recognition , Respect, Freedom, Enlightment, Development and Empowerment. We, being the techie version of our society hold hands together and walk in the path of success in the society.


Mrs .M. Sundara Kamalam

Women – Ethical Financier - (Article Posted on 10.12.2016)

Money – Source of energy which is always everyone 's need at any point of time.A resource which mankind never says “No” . It can also be labelled as a motivator for success at times.All the myths about money became fake till that historical date appeared in calendar..
A day which is going to change “Destiny of India” had a sunrise and proceeded with all Indians busy with thier own endeveours of life unaware of the fact that the dusk of 8.11.2016 is going to create a change in thier idealogy, trust, savings, confidence,future,investment,dreams... That day was not as peaceful as it was in the dawn . An announcement flooded the news channels wirth the title “ A MESSAGE FROM Prime Minister” which sounded very normal without any predictions from layman's perception. But it was not as simple as it headed..


Faces of people changed as he proceeded with the biggest decision that India would have seen in the recent times.. It seemed to be a planned version of decision with many financial measures which seems to shook all the classes of society.. Yes,,
> 500 and 1000 rupee notes completely banned in 4 hrs from now.
> Banks will not be functioning for a day.
> No ATM service for 2 more working days.
He initiated the “ Black Money CleanUp” asking people's cooperation and closed his speech with “Jai Hind”.. There started a rush and panic which spreaded the country and still prevails.This decision is real nightmare for all dishonest people who potrayed themselves as “KINGS OF THE WORLD”.
Many unexpected scenes were getting into reality in next few days and a staunch scene of multimillionares standing in long queues before banks for Rs.4000 which would have not even been a funny imagination for them. Class of people who spendthrifted lakhs in a day started searching for 100 rupee notes in thier wallet. What a remarkable occasion where everyone irrespective of thier position and designation flooding the bank queues, overlooking thier differences bothering about thier food and basic necesities ....

  pa   pa  

“MONEY “ a very strong word which brings everyone to streets in a minuite. People who insulted beggars now looking for the change from street to street..
“ Who is the reason for this panic? “......”Who is responsible for this unfavourable chaos?”


“Is it our PM?” Definitely not.. Then ??????
Yes it is ethical defeciency of mankind.. A natural calamity can pose us to such a situation but it is purely through our Greediness.. Women who is considered as spine of a family bears a very huge responsibility to channelise the attitude and morality of a family. There are still certain men who dont allow women to intrude into financial decisions of a family.

It is not an individual's issue of investing money forgoing the rules and filling his pocket. It's the money which would have caused a revolutionary development to our nation by aiding India to be ranked in the list of developed nation. Women who is beautified with all morals and values has the initiative to codfy things. She has the rights to direct family in the right path. If it would have happened , now we would have not been in such a difficult situation .

Women being a mother, wife,sister,daughter for a family. She, as a mom has to inculcate this morality to the kid in childhood . She as a wife has to restrict such behaviour of her husband. She as a sister should offend her brother badly for such a shameful act. She ,as a daughter has to take an upperhand to direct her father who is doing all this just for her happiness . Indian weddings mostly qualified as “Big Fat Wedding” involves lot of Blackmoney Exchange in the form of expenses and dowry. Women are such a powerful resource in the wedding who can put a full stop to it.
Women has to nourish her personality with all moral values and should build a very strong perception on money which dosen't deviate her mind in the road of luxury. Most men point out women for the reason of thier dishonest act. Women should equip herself and develop a highly selfless attitude that would make a family very rich in the aspect of culture and morality. Now the fight for justice has begun. A justice family would be the one which is really tasting the satisfaction now. If all women in this country take an oath on this , then there is highly no necissity for

“Black Money Clean Up”.......

Mrs. R. Chitra
Mrs. M. Sundara Kamalam