Research and Development

Research and Development

PACET having an, Extensive Research Facilities with good Research Lab is created to promote innovative Research. Our Motivated Experts with high profile in different areas of Research are guiding their Research Scholars. Our institute has signed MOU’s with Industries to promote collaborative research and consultancies. Our Institute is encouraging Faculty Members and Students as well to promote innovate through Quality Research in Emerging Areas like :

> Computer Science and Engineering
> Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Major Objectives of R&D Cell

>  To promote and implement Research & Development Programmes among the faculty and students.

>  To encourage the faculty members to involve in R&D activities related to their areas of expertise.

>  To encourage core competence & consultancy in Research.

>  To encourage faculties to develop their skills and qualifications by enrolling in Ph. D. programmes.

>  To motivate faculty and students to publish technical papers in referred National and International Journals / Conferences.

>  To conduct numerous seminars / workshops / training programmes related to promotion of research.

Code of Ethics for Research

>  The College makes it mandatory for all faculty, researchers & students to adhere to the policy of academic malpractice and plagiarism and strives to use best tools and practices to identify and check academic malpractice and plagiarism.

>  In order to ensure academic integrity, check malpractices and plagiarism, the College follows a Policy Guidelines for Plagiarism Prevention that all research material originating from PACET should be original and not plagiarized from any source. These guidelines shall apply to all Faculty members, Staff, Research fellows, Ph.D Scholars and students before they publish any research work with P.A. College of Engineering and Technology affiliation.

>  To ensure the same, all research materials to be sent for publication, are checked for originality using “Urkund plagiarism software” which is a leading academic plagiarism detection software. As per the College policy, the Ph.D. Theses of scholars are being checked by the Urkund Software, prior to acceptance for evaluation.

>  The Head of Institution is to ensure that no thesis is submitted by the scholar without Plagiarism check. in case a scholar is found adopting or suspected of adopting unfair means or lifting of other's work and inserting it in his/her work without proper acknowledgement, credit and reference, penal action is taken by the Institution.

>  The concerned guide is required to submit a certificate, mentioning that the thesis of scholar has been checked by Urkund Software. The plagiarism report is provided for verification and records by Departmental Research Committee.

>  The same policy is followed for the faculty members to check malpractices and plagiarism in research.

>  The same policy is followed for the faculty members to check malpractices and plagiarism in research.

>  Since the Institute makes use of the software for all research related material before it is published, only few such cases alleging plagiarism has been reported and appropriate action has been taken.

List of Patents

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