Management and Trust

Vice-ChairPerson's Message

  Dr. Lakshmi Appukutty M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., PhD

The unitary aim of Aruljothi Charitable Trust is to provide quality technical, educational and primary education to students from rural areas, the off spring of parents with little education, no access to higher education or those who do not have money to pursue their studies. This category of students nevertheless are intelligent and possess the required capability and potential to rise as responsible individuals empowered with acquired knowledge to take creative, informed and useful decisions helping the society in social re-engineering, cultural enrichment, prosperity and for the nation creating new knowledge, ability to wield power and authority on regional and national issues.

This vision of the Charity is realized through the mission of drawing students from villages of Pollachi, Udumalpet, Dharapuram and from nearest areas of Coimbatore and Tirupur districts. Since, Engineers are people working on scientific theories and develop practical applications so as to create newer things which never existed before, in P. A. College of Engineering and Technology in addition to the imparting of knowledge through usual chalk and talk method, faculty are encouraged to use latest technological tools during the lecture sessions. The problems of plan, design, construction, production, testing, maintenance and implementation are embedded in student’s minds through interactive sessions. Naturally, the fundamental purpose of engineering is achieved here by imparted, acquired knowledge and skills in relevant branches which make them thoroughly preferred to assume responsibilities easily and effectively.

I am sure that with the dedicated faculty, disciplined students and dutiful staff will ensure steady, continuous and fast growth of PACET.

Secretary's Message

  Mrs. A. Poongothai Arulramesh

The statistics available on access to higher education and allocation of funds throws light on the fact that private educational promotes are needed in large numbers and through a healthy competition, quality education will be established soon in India.

Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in India is 12.6%, USA - 82%, Brazil - 77%.

Expenditure on higher education of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India is 1% and USA - 3.1 % highest in the world.

Quality in engineering education is essential for the generation of quality engineers of future. The engineers should have a very strong foundation of knowledge and required skills in their respective areas.

The management always interacts with the Principal and other faculty on daily basis to ascertain whether proper training in laboratories, placement activities, skills development are continually important along with teaching. The nearly industrial and business atmosphere introduced in the VII and VII semester makes the students to smoothly shift and fit in their employments. Class Advisors, Counselors and HODs are frequently enquiring the students on their problems even if they were to be personal. Hostels, classrooms and laboratories are well equipped.

I am confident that PACET will leap frog.


pa Dr. P. Appukutty ME, FIE, FIV.
pa Dr. Lakshmi Appukutty M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., PhD
pa Mr. N. Arulramesh B.Tech.
pa Mrs. A. Poongothai Arulramesh
pa Mrs. Kalaivani Rajesh B.E., M.S
pa M. Dhanalakshmi
pa N. Banurekha