About Us


Arul Jothi Charitable Educational trust is a public Charitable Educational trust established in the year 2005 with an objective to achieve “Higher Education to All “by running various educational institutions and program for the welfare of the society. The P. A. College of Engineering and Technology has been successfully functioning since 2008 in the cluster of Educational institutions run by Arul Jothi Charitable trust for which Dr. Thiru P. Appukutty is the Chairman of long standing experience for 34 years in Technical Education.

P. A. College of Engineering and Technology (PACET) is located in serene surrounding amidst the cluster of coconut groves on the state Highway (SH-19) about 2 Km from Pollachi which is situated at the foot hills of Anaimalai and Valparai hills. Pollachi town is 40 Km from the south of Coimbatore. Pollachi is a leading commercial centre having a big market for agricultural products. Tender coconuts, coconuts, coconut oil and other by-products are being transported to all parts of the country and exported all over the world. PACET is in the reach of about 40 minutes drive from Coimbatore airport or railway station and one hour from Tirupur. The college enjoys a congenial atmosphere essential for a cozy and vibrant scholastic learning process.

PACET provides engineering education for Life. The beautiful and spacious buildings have been designed well by the chairman – renowned civil engineer- with architectural marvels of various blocks accommodating the needs of administration computer centre, academic block, lecture halls, library, laboratories, conference halls, hostel and students common rooms. In PACET students are given every opportunity to gain optimal advantage in terms of advanced technical knowledge, skills and research by intrinsic motivation through special training modules. The approach offers distinct aspects of intellectual growth and development of individual students as future engineers to suit the growing needs and aspirations of the nation in future. The campus also has a clinic to attend emergency and to check the general health of students. The college has provided bus transport facilities covering the nearby parts of Tirupur and Coimbatore districts.

Major Achievements