There are separate hostel for girls and boys. Both hostels are located in the college campus itself. The hostels provide a calm atmosphere necessary for deep study. There is copious water available trough out the day. There are play fields for cricket, volley ball and basket ball where student spent time in sports activities.
The hostel rooms are well furnished with Tube light, Night lamp, Fan, Cot, Shelf are provided. Coin telephones have been fixed in boys and girls hostels for the use of hostellers.


The hierarchy of administration is with the chairman at the top followed by the principals of PACET and PAPTC, Administrative Officer, Wardens and Deputy Wardens. Residential faculties are available for guidance and counseling.


The Application Form for hostel admission can be obtained from the hostel office on producing the admission slip by the student. The filled in application form is submitted by the student to the Administrative Officer in the presence of his / her Parent / Guardian and payment is made for the hostel fees and caution deposit as prescribed by the hostel management. Parent / Guardian's presence is compulsory at the time of hostel admission.


Separate mess are functioning inside each hostel .Healthy, nutritive and delicious Vegetarian food with egg is provided in the hostel mess. Mess menu will be finalized according to the convenience of the administration after receiving suggestions from students. Students are advised not to waste the food items. The Residents of the hostel are informed that the following is the mess timing to dine in the mess. Residents are not permitted to the dining hall other than dining hours.

Dining hours

08.00Am to 08.45 Am
12.30 Pm to 1.30 Pm
7.00 Pm to 8.30 Pm

Study and silence hours

> Study and Silence Hours are from 9.00 PM to next morning 6.00 AM
> Residents should be available in their rooms during study and silence hours.
> Residents should keep their rooms open from 9.00 PM till the night Attendance is taken.
> Residents are not allowed to go out of the hostel without prior permission.

Water Supply

> Water is supplied to the students round the clock for their use.
> Treated water is provided for their drinking purposes.
> Water Doctor Instruments are installed at both boys and girls hostel.

Genral rules and regulations for the hostllers

> Hostellers should follow the rules and regulations very strictly.
> They should use the study and silence hours effectively.
> They should always keep their Identity cards with them.
> Possession of CELL PHONE is strictly prohibited as per norms of Anna University.
> They are responsible to keep their rooms clean and tidy & should co-operate to keep the premises clean and green. They are advised not to scribble on the walls, doors and windows.
> Consuming alcohol, Smoking and playing cards inside the campus are offence and strictly prohibited. Anyone neglecting this rule will be punished severely.
> Breakages and damages to hostel property will be penalized. The cost of repair or replacement of such damages will be recovered from the Residents.
They are requested not to wear or keep ornaments or any other valuables with them. The management will not held any responsibility for the loss of any such items.
> They should not allow any day scholars or friends to their rooms knowingly or unknowingly.
> They are strictly advised not to take part in any Political or Anti-social activities.
> They should note that 'Ragging' is a criminal offence under Government law. Any attempt to tease or hurt other students will lead to in disciplinary action which may include expulsion from the hostel and from the institution without any consideration.
> Hostel accommodation will be provided based on good Conduct and character of the student in previous years. Warden may refuse hostel admission without mentioning any reason and his interpretation of the rules is final.
> They are allowed to go home only once in a month during the allotted weekly holidays.
> Permitted visitors alone are allowed to meet the Residents in girls hostel on weekend holidays provided they should have Visitor ID card issued by the Institution.
> They are permitted for going out off the campus for valid reasons alone after getting permission slip and should return before the permitted time.
> Unauthorized electrical fittings and gadgets should not be used in the hostel rooms.