"Your wisdom is your guide" says Shakespeare, hence to produce engineers imbibed with wisdom and knowledge, P.A. College of Engineering and Technology has got a breathtaking library. Thousands of books related to Science and Humanities, Engineering & Technology and Management areas, National and International Journals, a large number of magazines are the main highlights of the library. Library (4940 sq ft) is fully automated and provided with high speed internet connection (8 mbps) with numerous terminals thereby assisting the faculty and students to acquire knowledge through web.

The library is modern, computerized, and well stocked with current books and periodicals, management videos, CDs and other learning resources. Students can also use this room for quiet self-study. In addition PACET students have access to an exhaustive e-library permitting access to leading journals engineering and business magazines.

Working Hours

The library remains open from 8.45am to 7.00 pm on all working days and from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm on all Sundays.

Library Automation

The Library uses AUTOLIB software package, which is an integrated multi-user library management system that supports all in-house operations of the Library. The database of books available in the Library is being updated regularly. Records of all the Library users have also been created in the AUTOLIB package.. All the library activities are computerized, including circulation and separate On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) terminals for searching books in the library. All members are encouraged to make use of books available for borrowing, search and reserve books of their preferences.

Books and Journals

Library is the soul of our educational institution. The Engineering and Management College Library has been an integral part of academic endeavor in college. Central library has around 4800 Titles and 11400 Volumes covering all disciplines of engineering, technology, science and humanities and management. The collection in the library comprises printed documents such as books, reports & Manuals. Central library subscribes to 118 National and International Journals and 35 Magazines and 9 News Papers. In addition to that Separate departmental libraries have been set up for the faculty as well as the students in each department.

Circulation Section

Each and every student becomes, automatically a register member, who can use their bar-coded student identity card for borrowing books. Similarly every faculty with valid ID card is also a registered member. Various members and their entitlement is as below.

Circulation Details
Category of Member
No. of Books issued
Duration of Issue (Days)
U G Students
P G Students
Non Teaching Staff

Digital Library

In Digital Library 10 Multimedia Systems are available with internet connection for users to search, browsing information on internet. Under the web consortium DELNET, the library provides on-line access to a large number of full-text journal databases from various publishers. Selective access provided through the Internet. Digital Library, houses a galaxy of e-books, e-journals, reports and other electronic information resources. All classroom lectures, seminars, invited lectures of the Institute, Question Bank are digitized and made available through the online digital library.

Institution Membership

The college is a member of Indian society for Technical Education (ISTE), Computer Society of India (CSI) and ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu. The library also subscribes to the membership of DELNET (Developing Library Networks).

Reprography Services

Reprographic services are available for both students and staff to take copies of reference materials at nominal charges.

Library incharge

1. Mr. S. Mahendran, Librarian

2. Mrs. S. Ponnalagu Assistant, Librarian

3. Mr. K. Balamurali, Library Assistant

4. Mrs. S. Dharani, Library Assistant