Infosys Campus Connect

Infosys Campus Connect


Campus connect is an industry-academia partnership initiative launched by infosys. The campus Connect initiative aims to enhance the education level of engineering students, nationwide and thus increase the employability of these engineers. As a part of this initiative infosys shares with partner colleges its proven courseware, methodology and education experiences. Campus Connect thus helps partner colleges groom industry Ready engineers.

Foundation Program (FP) is the training program designed for entry level students who on completion will be better prepared to work on real-life customer projects. Enabling partner colleges to deliver FP is the heart of this initiative. The training programs will be administered at the Campus Connect partner colleges. These programs enhance the IT industry specific basic knowledge and skills of the students of Engineering colleges.

The Foundation Program is designed by the Education & Research department of Infosys primarily to train and prepare fresh engineering graduates who join the company, to take up challenging projects. It consists of courses in three streams Generic, Open system, and internet. The Campus Connect (CC) initiative brings this well-tested and successful training courseware and methodology in the Generic Stream to the partnering colleges. The generic stream will be taught directly by the partner college faculty who are enabled by the campus Connect team. Campus Connect also provides the necessary courseware and support to implement and sustain the program.

Computer Hardware and System Software Concepts - components of computer architecture and details the concepts of systems software, operating systems, and computer networks.

Programming fundamentals (PF)- This course offers techniques for problems solving and error handling illustrates the use of data structures and structured statements ,explains sorting, searching and basic file handling functions necessary for a projects.

Relational database management systems (RDBMS)-This course introduces the basic concepts and terminology of RDBMS, explains database design using entity Relationship (ER) modeling and normalization, SQL commands, embedded SQL, and online transaction processing (OLTP) concepts.

Analysis of algorithms (AOA)- This course details the principles and tools for analysis of algorithms, guides the students on code tuning techniques and provides hands on experience in analyzing algorithms.

System development methodology (SDM)- this course explains the need for an engineering approach to software development, software development life cycle (SDLC) ,importance of structured programming and introduces the quality measures and software testing .

Object oriented concepts (OOC)- this course offers techniques to understand complex software system by breaking down into smaller components and introduces object oriented programming (OOPS) and some of its advanced concepts.

User interface design (UID)- this course introduces the importance of end user perspective for the development of a software application and the elements and process of interface design.

Introduction to web architecture (IWA)- This course explains the basic architecture of web application, introduces security and performance of web application and demonstrates sample projects on web architecture.

By the end of the program, the students develop a good knowledge and understanding of a complete family of concepts and process aware and thus it fully prepared to become software professional.
FP traning is recommended for the students of pre final year Students and it is compulsory for those who are already selected in Infosys.

Campus connect team periodically conducts Faculty Enablement Program (FEP) to train the partner college faculty on FP course delivery. The faculty experiences the training system ,courseware and methodology as used at Infosys and hence is completely equipped to roll out the training program at their college.

Campus connect team typically conducts a read show to reach out to the students at the respective partner college. it is organized as a half day program at the colllege campus the interactive sessions and presentations during the road show provide students with information about the campus connect initiative in general program in particular.

Campus connect portal ( a window to the connected world of learning. through the portal students and faculty members could learn about the campus connect initiative, enhance knowledge, share your experience with other colleges in India & abroad, interact with your college alumni, study the projects of final year students, and learn about various activities of professional interest.

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